Why Social Businesses

Become a changemaker

The World Chamber for Social Business makes it easy and safe for you to contribute to the cause of your choice anywhere in the world while providing social businesses with the tools, training, and support they need to thrive.

The Fourth Sector

It combines the private sector’s market-based approaches with the public and non-profit sectors’ social principles to address global sustainability challenges.

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Jan Vikalp

Who can Contribute

Let’s come together to bring about transformative societal change while fulfilling your social and financial goals.

Sustainable, community-oriented, directly-marketed agriculture professional.
Experienced impact creator, who is transforming our world for the good of all.
Shaping the future of learners who want to create positive social change.
Impact Investor
Directing capital into business ventures that yield social and environmental benefits.
Government and public sector influencers implementing policies for peaceful and progressive communities.
Social Entrepreneur
Startups and business owners with a business approach to solving community-based problems.
Tech innovators with novel solutions through technology to serve a social cause.
Thought Leader
Experts who are shaping the world at scale.

Our Initiatives

We utilize technology combined with a people-focused approach to fundamentally upgrade our economic systems to meet today’s challenges.

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