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About World Chamber for Social Business

Uniting social businesses to achieve the Sustainability Development Goals


Advancing collective interests of social businesses globally

Much is spoken and written about social innovation, sustainability, peace, and the other crises the world faces today, the World Chamber for Social Business was founded with a firm belief it’s now the time to ACT.

The Chamber promotes international trade and policy advocacy to introduce the legal framework and corporate governance laws for social businesses, enable knowledge transfer, seek impact finance, and encourage conscious leadership.

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The World Chamber for Social Business makes it easy and safe for you to contribute to the cause of your choice anywhere in the world while providing social businesses with the tools, training, and support they need to thrive.


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The World Chamber for Social Business takes a multi-cultural and diversity-driven approach to identify and harness every community’s social entrepreneurial spirit.

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Shaping future communities for a better tomorrow

Join our ever-growing community of social entrepreneurs, innovators, impact investors, corporates, bureaucrats, thought-leaders, and change-makers to see how you can contribute and grow with us.


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Taking this Sustainability Pledge, you can commit to sustainable living by incorporating changes into your everyday routine and motivating others to join this mission!

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